Preparing to line up

While I’ve been away on holiday, more donations have crept in and I’ve now more than met my initial target of £150. Thank you so much to everyone. And I have yet to start pestering family and friends who are not on Facebook!

Unfortunately I came back from my leave with a nasty flu-like bug, but while convalescing this weekend I’ve been reading blogs by various people who did the challenge last year or extra early this year for a bit of inspiration. They’ve made fascinating reading – such a variety of shopping lists, cooking skills and menus – but everyone has mentioned how much the challenge has helped them appreciate in just a small way what it must be like to live this way every day, with all the careful budgetting, planning and decision making, but without the luxury of it all being over by Friday night.

I’ve started thinking about my menu and bought a few initial staples when we went to the supermarket the other day. I’ll post details of my complete set of ingredients nearer the time!

NB My partner is not doing the challenge itself, but will be sharing the evening meals with me. On that basis I am intending to allow myself a total shopping budget of £7.50 to include an additional 50p per day for each extra meal. I will still cost out what I eat each day to make sure I don’t go over the £1 allowance!

The challenge?

Spend 5 days feeding yourself with £1 a day – the UK equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

The reason?

To give a glimpse into the lives of 1.4 billion people who have no choice but to live below the line every day – and who have to make £1 cover a lot more than food…

The details?

Sponsor me here, or sign up to do it yourself at:


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