LBTL Shopping done!

I’ve spent a bit of time this week researching prices online and coming up with a menu plan, so this morning I went off with my list to the local greengrocer and Tesco’s to complete the shopping for next week.

My plan is to have fairly healthy and tasty food as far as I can – and for once it may be an advantage being a ‘petite’ female as I don’t need as many calories each day as a 6-foot man!

So, this is what I can use next week for 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 10 evening meals (including 5 meals for my OH which is why I have allowed an additional 50p per day):


I’ve spent £7.28 which leaves me with 22p to account for the costs of the seasonings and spices I will be using from my existing supplies.

Here’s the breakdown:

Long grain rice (1kg)* – 0.40

Spaghetti (500g)* – 0.24

Wholemeal bread (1 loaf)* – 0.47

Passata (2 x 500g)  – 0.58

Red lentils (500g) – 0.83

Kidney beans (400g tin)* – 0.18

Frozen mixed vegetables (1 kg)* – 0.75

Onions (875g) – 0.67

Peppers (500g)* – 1.07

Mushrooms (250g) – 0.75

Garlic (1 head) – 0.25

Lemon – 0.29

Willow margarine (250g) – 0.80

* Tesco value items

The challenge?

Spend 5 days feeding yourself with £1 a day – the UK equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

The reason?

To give a glimpse into the lives of 1.4 billion people who have no choice but to live below the line every day – and who have to make £1 cover a lot more than food…

The details?

Sponsor me here, or sign up to do it yourself at:


4 thoughts on “LBTL Shopping done!

  1. Thanks Liz – the plan is for a bit of variety, as one of the main comments from people who did it last week is how bored they got! My mains will be veg chilli, curry/dahl, and pasta with a sauce and for lunch I’m planning soup and lentil pate …

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