It’s been a while …

I’ve just realised I’ve not written a blog post since last year’s Live Below the Line challenge. I’ve done the challenge again this year and raised over £300 thanks to generous friends and colleagues – you can see how I got on here:

So, what else? Well I’ve bought myself a new sewing machine with birthday/bonus money, so am hoping to get back into sewing, perhaps I’ll use this blog to show what I’ve made. Don’t hold your breath though – I’ve not even tried to thread it yet! I’ve bought some cheap fabric to play with – the plan is to make some pyjama bottoms.


I went on a bread-making course at Loaf Cookery School recently, and I had a great day. So I thought I’d share some bread-making efforts here too. Tonight I have made some pitta bread using a Dan Lepard recipe, it was magical to see (most of) them puff up in the oven, they aren’t perfect but they should be better than the vacuum-packed cardboard ones which we have bought sometimes.